Review OF Best iPhone Prepaid Plan

Best iPhone Prepaid Plan

Today News and Review OF Best iPhone Prepaid Plan

“Today we will talk about Best iPhone Prepaid Plan” Prepaid iphone service similar to cricket wireless or metro PCS rather than paying month to month with Manson you save money by purchasing longer plans they have three six and twelve month options and generally speaking the longer the plan the more you save but they actually have a special right now where the three month plan is the same cost as the twelve month plan so it's a pretty solid deal if you just want to try it out rather than committing a full year all obviously go more in depth everything in just a second but as I was researching mints in before I started using the service I honestly was met with some skepticism along with some interest I pay a ton of money every month with AT&T. it's a triple digit bill with not a lot of data and I'm not making payments on the phone or anything so I'm paying just for the service and for the cost I'm not getting a whole lot however AT&T.

Mint Sim Prepaid Plan

Here in Las Vegas provides good LTE coverage and I never got a phone call either and with these prepaid services I was sort of expecting to not have the best coverage especially considering I've literally never heard of mints in before however between the cost and coverage I was actually pleasantly surprised with how well mint sim performed I've been using the service for more than a week and a half now and I'll definitely put out an update after my first cycle of three months is up but so far I wouldn't be opposed to having mints him as my primary Kerrier so when you first purchased a mint sim plan you're sent out a new sim card that's actually usable as a standard size micro sim and nano sim you just have to punch out what size you need now wanted the immediate requirements for me to even consider a service like this is our how to be able to use the phone that I wanted luckily my unlocked iPhone ten was compatible and you can use the I. ME I checker on the mint sim website to see if your device works as long as it's fully unlocked though no matter what the device is that should work just fine the back of them in some.

How To Activate The Sim and Set up your Prepaid Plan

Card has your unique activation code and you'll use that on the website to activate the sim and set up your plan it was all pretty straightforward the first thing that it asks is if you want to migrate your current phone number or set up a new one and because I wanted to make some comparisons with my current AT&T. service I just went ahead and set up a new number beyond that though all you have to do is agree to the terms of service set up billing and account information and that's it setup is complete you don't have to call anyone or visit the store or any of that garbage it was literally like a two minute totally instant process I went ahead and immediately sought out my AT&T. sim card with the new mint seven and I was like half expecting a delay in getting service honestly but it connected right away with no issues as you can see up in the top left and also in the settings here on the device and of course I got a whole bunch of welcome and informational texts that break down some of the things you need to do to get some features enabled which I'll also talk about in just a minute but obviously the first thing I wanted to do was a speed test on LTE because that's like ninety five percent of what I consider to be important as far as carriers go in sim is technically capped at twenty megabits up and down but you can see for whatever reason and he's at home I wasn't even breaking five megabits down on AT&T.

Well Minson had noticeably faster speeds across the board and this was something that really surprised me obviously LTE speed fluctuate all the time but no matter where I was at least here in Las Vegas network meant sim was on was consistently faster than AT&T. I never considered AT&T. to be particularly bad in Las Vegas but I'm definitely sort of questioning that at this point the other important part in regards to carriers of course is call quality and reliability now I don't personally talk on the phone really at all but I know a lot of people do so I have made quite a few phone calls in different areas to test things out with men Sam and I never experienced a dropped call or quality issues obviously live in a very populated area and phone calls are never an issue anyway but it was still nice to know that men sim was equally as reliable on the back end Minson has a really straightforward dashboard allows you to.

LET Testing Review and All Settings OF iPhone Prepaid Plan

Weekly check all the important stuff like what plan you're currently paying for and how much data you have left you can also easily add more data to your plan if you might go over your limit you can purchase international roaming credit for phone calls out of the country if you're on certain android devices you can also set up wifi talking taxed and you can also make adjustments to the current plan if you like to make any extensions or fall back to a month to month basis and this all happens instantly right through the dashboard with any prepaid service there's going to be some limitations and that's true with men Sam already mentioned the speed cap of twenty megabits per second on LTE but like I said I wasn't even getting anywhere close to that with AT&T.

Anyway something that is unfortunate though is the lack of visual voicemail support on iOS and that one definitely heard a little bit you also need to manually configure APN settings to enable MMS features like picture messaging and group texts which aside from a minor inconvenience when you're first setting things up is generally not a big deal since instructions are pretty straight forward so like I said at the start of the video I've been using mints him for about the last week and a half which I feel like is at least enough time to come to the conclusion that Manson is a really promising prepaid option cost wise men some definitely has some of the most affordable plans even though you might be locked in for three months at a time as far as coverage I know results will vary here but in my area alti was very strong cell service was also reliable and a lot of the time for whatever reason the service was somehow better than what I was paying for with AT&T. I'll be sure to update you guys at the end of my three month plan with a more in depth breakdown of how it all went but at the moment I'm really pleased with men seven and I'm still surprised that I ended up liking it so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video let me know what you think of mint Sam in the comments below also be sure to follow tech daily on Twitter and subscribe to take the lead to channel if you haven't already and I'll see you guys later.

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